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This morning we started with an early 7am start, No morning swim or morning duties today, we begun with a sunrise sail. Once the jug was boiled it was hot chocolates for everyone. Brooklyn and Minaia were first to take the helm this morning, and set a course for the hole in the rock before Jaeshana finally took over and had a turn.

On arrival to Cape Brett we launched the tender and gathered everybody aboard for an up close and personal experience through the hole and in the many caves the island has to offer.

After the excitement of going through the hole in the rock, we had a tour through the township of the local seals in the area before getting dropped off at the start of the Cape Brett track. And off we went, over the hills towards the entrance of deep water cove. Hemana, Zion and Hunter took the lead and ran most of it. Brooklyn, Minaia, Maxwell and Katarina sat happily in the middle with good pace during the walk and Jamiro, Lyndon, Jaeshana, Ruby and Zalina were happy taking in the view at the back. Once we arrived back onto the tucker we enjoyed an amazing risotto lunch. Then it was on with the wetsuits and the trainees had the opportunity to snorkel the spectacular white reef. Some of the trainees were able to feed the local fish some kinas out of their hands.. The fish here are so friendly you can pat them. The trainees that had decided to stay aboard rather than go snorkelling helped the crew clean the ship. At 3pm we hoisted the anchor then the sails and headed out of the cove and towards the Bay. Minaia lead the hoisting of the main sail and Zion lead the fore. Jaeshana lead the helm. We set a course to head towards Paradise Bay on Urupukapuka island. Along the way we enjoyed an afternoon tea of chocolate cake and juice.

Katarina, Jamiro and Hemana helped to cook dinner. While Katarina, Brooklyn and Minaia completed the Tucker challenge, congrats guys!! The trainees are all now gathered in the saloon while we wait for a scrumptious corned beef silverside dinner. After such a long and for fulling day the trainees are totally exhausted and excited for a good night’s sleep. Keep tuned for more exciting stories tomorrow.