The trainees were first asked to hoist the fore sail after leaving the wharf. Once that was completed the trainees gathered around the helm to play the name game. The trainees then had the chance to unpack their bunks and make themselves at home. Once everything was nice and clean the trainees enjoyed a delicious macaroni and cheese lunch. The dishes were completed and the trainees participated in an orientation. We finally arrived at Bucket of Kai Bay on Moturoa Island. Once the foresail was lowered, the anchor dropped and the tender was launched the trainees were off towards the beach for their first island walk. The trainees enjoyed exploring the old army bunkers the island had to offer before heading back to the ship and lifting the anchor. Terry-Jack did a great job at flaking the anchor chain. We set a bearing for whale bay with a quick detour past Marsden cross. Along the way the trainees completed a class on line handling and Tamatu, Connor, Zac, Sebastian, Terry- Jack, Mya, Niamh and Ahi all managed some time steering the ship. We have arrived at our night anchorage and we are completing some class work with the trainees while we wait for a delicious cottage pie dinner.. The trainees are now a lot more comfortable with each other and are happily bonding down in the saloon making friends easily. We have many more exciting things in store for the rest of the week so stay tuned and you will hear from us soon.