Ahoj Tucker whanau,

Today has been an action packed day. This morning Max was the first in the water for our daily wash. Chores were completed, breakfast was devoured and then we were ready to go!

Ethan and Winni flaked the chain, while Max and Jazmin helped to bring the anchor up. Then we hoisted the main sail and took off into the bay. A short while later we made it to Urupukapuka Island and the packed out Paradise Bay. We went ashore to start our trek around the island, the biggest in the bay, bringing packed lunch and plenty of water.

The first 30 minutes of the walk was completed in silence so trainees could have time to reflect and wonder at their beautiful surroundings. Then Gio, Ethan and Max took off to run the hills and we all met at the trig for some egg and chicken sandwiches. After a good korero, we were off again down the hill to Entico Bay. Everyone joined in to play bat down, Darius even managed to break the ball with his hard hit. Most of the girls eventually drifted off to have a go in Lily’s hammock she set up in the trees.

We had a few other games, got too warm in the sunshine so went back to the boat to get our snorkelling gear on. CapTim took us over to Turtle Island for a snorkel in the cave in the island. Everyone had a go at being a mermaid, finding Kina, Parori and Rock Cod in the seaweed. Once we got out, we set off round the corner to our shelter.

We are parked up in Stockyard Bay for the night, completed some lessons and now enjoying some free time. Max is up the rigging in his favourite spot with Malinde and Helmi, Darius and Lily are busy setting up their hammocks on the ship, Gio is fishing with his fingers crossed with the lucky charm Flo taking turns and Jazmin, Winni, Rebecca, Ethan and Lucie are eating fruit and enjoying the sunset on deck.

Dinner is smelling good!

Po marie