Ahoy from the good ship!

Today was an action packed day for the trainees (competitors).
We began with the normal morning procedures- Kaitaia was first in the water followed by Taipa.
Morning duties were completed and breakfast was served. After breakfast we had a refreshing visit from one of our x-crew members Alex. She has recently been crewing aboard an all-female ship called the Maiden. In 1989, against all odds, the first all-female crew aboard the Maiden completed the toughest ocean challenge- The Whitbread round the world race. On Saturday morning they arrived in Auckland (Just finishing the Australian leg) with much more of a longer but challenging journey ahead. Alex shared all her knowledge and passion to all the trainees- Spreading the word. A lot of the trainees that are rather passionate about sailing really enjoyed her visit- her knowledge and all she had to share.
Alex sadly had to go home and the crew gathered the trainees to complete their next challenge. Little tuck races!! The groups did really well and tried very hard.
Next up was the fore sail challenge. This is very physically demanding and tiring. Most of the trainees struggled.. But kept up the determination and all completed the challenge with flying colours. Well done teams! Then soup for lunch!
We hoisted the anchor and set a course towards Moturua island (Mangahawea Bay) On arrival the trainees dived into the water and experienced some bay of islands snorkelling.
Back on the ship the trainees participated in a bio security lesson before heading to shore to complete a fauna challenge.. First teams back with the six items asked for, received points.
On arrival back to the ship, we decided to be spontaneous and have desert before dinner. Kerikeri high school prepared some delicious custard stuffed puffs that captain Wayne went crazy for! He loved them!
We are now all cooped up below decks.. Spending our last few hours together before we say our goodbyes tomorrow. Roast for dinner tonight. The trainees plan on performing a sea shanty soon for last minute points for the week.
We will see you all at 1pm at the end of the opua wharf tomorrow- where you will watch the winning school receive their award. For now, goodnight! We will see you then 🙂