The ship has spent today enjoying the lovely sunshine in the Bay including a dinghy ride through the Hole in the Rock. It’s perfect conditions for a venture down to the beautiful harbour at Whangamumu, home to beautiful kauri forest, waterfall and old whaling station. Captain Tim has texted to say there are headed round Motu Kokako tonight and as there is no cellphone coverage, there is an early blog from the ship. This is what they wrote earlier:

From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, an early one as we head south and into Whangmumu Harbour where we have no reception. From this morning with a brisk swim, and deck shower the trainees were soon into their above and below deck duties, breakfast and dishes complete. Then turned to for Line Handling before hoisting some sail and a little practice of tack and wear, navigation and steering to prepare us for our journey out through Albert Channel towards Deep Water Cove. Trainees rotated about going aloft, bowsprit riding and tackling the helm before we layed the anchor next to White Reef in 5 metres of water, with the kelp covered reef visible 10 metres away. Wetsuits, masks and snorkels and soon the trainees were splashing about with yelps of delight with the abundance of fish all about. Back on board for a yummy lunch and thoughts of the afternoon activities.

Calm, light westerly, Cape Brett just around the corner, we were off. More climbing, bowspriting and chatter on the deck, learning knots and watching landscapes. At Motukokao or Piercy island we split the trainees in half to show off the hole in the rock and Cathedral Cave or Manawahuna (hidden Heart). Not wanting to go back on our selves we chose south and nearby Whangamumu Harbour, one of the best overnight anchorages (no reception) for some time ashore at the old whaling station and  to give us a good start in the morning for another bounce south with a favourable forecast to bring us home late in the week. The deck is spread with charts and compasses, parallel rules and wobbly ropes for knots. The rest of the day will be spent ashore then in the classroom with Voyage Manual to be tackled. Another great dinner and then moe.  Everyone is on deck and participating in all adventures, learnings and laughter. We having a great time on only the second day.

Ma te wa