With blue skies shining through the cabin top windows it was an 0745 start this morning – Aaliyah being the first trainee in the water followed by Chevvy, Travis and Javed. It was a slow beginning to get to the morning duties but as soon as they smelt breakfast cooking they quickly sped up.

After devouring breakfast it was a quick lesson on navigation. The trainees’ passage planned our way to our afternoon destination. There was time for some engine check lessons before anchor duties were ready to go and away we went.

The Main sail was hoisted by Chevvy, Javed, Tea, Emma H, Brianna and Kira, the Fore sail was hoisted by Leonora, Teina and Aaliyah and the Head sails were hoisted by Emma S and Travis. We set a course for the black rocks. We were happily sailing away when a 35 knot squall of wind hit us out of the blue. We managed to gather as a team and get rid of our main sail for a more comfortable route. Great work by everyone!

Later we gybed our way around, setting a new course for Paradise bay;  with some trainees beginning to feel a little sea sick we made it into shelter in plenty of time. On arrival we dropped anchor and gathered down stairs for a pizza lunch Yummm. Shortly after the tender was launched and the trainees made their way over to the beach for some games. We played helium stick, Pass the rakau, Eagles nest and Te Marama. We realised we had about half an hour left of beach time so to blow off some steam, Emma S, Emma H, Kira, Travis, Javed, Chevy, Leonora, Brianna and some of the crew ran to the top of the hill and back down, while Teina, Tea and Aaliyah decided their time was well spent on the beach.

On arrival back to the ship he hoisted the tender and anchor and set a course for our night anchorage in Orokawa. Our cook has arranged a beautiful stew for dinner, and the trainees are out on the bow, up the rigging or enjoying some well-deserved free time.

Tomorrow’s weather isn’t looking too amazing but I’m sure we will find some exciting activities for the trainees to complete either way 🙂

Have a great night!