From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, anchored up in Otupoho on Moturua. A day full of learning and leadership. A day when the Trainees stepped up to the challenge of welcoming others onto the ship and guiding them through what they have only just learn’t themselves.

Duties to present the ship for their guests as we tied up to Russell Wharf awaiting the Special Olympic Team from around Northland. Before leaving the wharf a karakia and waiata made our guests feel comfortable as we left Russell with the trainees taking the lines and offering assistance as the sails hoisted and we headed out. Harnesses came out and the guests challenged themselves from their own comfort zone, either going aloft or sitting out on the bowsprit. Dolphins came to visit and we knew the day ahead was going to be golden.

Out to Motuarohia and the opportunity for a shore visit as the finishing touches were put to lunch. A souperb meal and  some more climbing, trainees buddied up and filled in certificates of the day and what the guests had achieved, a wide range of activities. The anchor was up and we headed for home, with more dolphins before rounding Tapeka. The helm constantly changed hands as we safely came round Russell Point and tied up once more. Certificates were awarded alongside and then the guests left with smiles of their day in the Bay.

The Trainees had their ship back and determined a game of spotlight was in order. Otupoho a favourite for this was soon before us. Stories flowed of the day and ideas and plans for our last full day tomorrow, a sunrise sail top of the list then a variety of options were tossed about. Will have to wait to see what develops.

Ma te wa