Good evening from the Tucker!

We hoisted the foresail after leaving our berth with our new set of trainees.
Up the channel, the trainees set up their bunks for the week, we played the name game to get to know each other, and we also completed an orientation to get to know the ship before enjoying a delicious lunch.
Along the way we hoisted the main and head sails before many trainees took to climbing aloft, while others took the helm.
We also completed a lesson on line handling before dropping the anchor at Moturua island.
On the beach the trainees enjoyed viewing the army bunker the island has to offer. Then it was back to the ship for a sunset swim to end a full day.
With a delicious dinner devoured, we are about to enjoy an amazing apple pie made by Kalin’s grandparent’s – Thank you so MUCH!
We have huge plans for tomorrow, so stay tuned for more exciting adventures.