YTH – 2322 Ra Tauono – Day Six

Time to get up! Our day started with another morning swim, the water was pretty warm!We tucked into breakfast with mince and mashed potato on toast. After our morning routine it was time to take over the ship, electing a new Captain who will lead us over the next few days. We received lessons such as passage planning, reading the weather, rules on the water and reading markers. Soon after that we broke into our sail stations and headed off on our passage. Roast pork and veges for lunch while underway as we sailed toward Cape Wiwiki. The sail stations were kept busy today as we tacked and jibed the whole day through. We’re now at our night anchorage waiting to go ashore to tick off the last of our activities for the voyage. We’ve made long lasting friendships over this voyage, this is our last night together so we’re making the most of it. Until tomorrow!