Day three we’re happy to be! Waking up with our refreshing morning swing and swim near Moturua Island, the trainees got straight into their training chores before digging into a nourishing breakfast of leftovers, mince on toast, porridge and cereals. Into our sail stations, we prepared for our longest sail journey yet, out to the hole in the rock. All sails up, with the wind behind us, we dug down into the nitty gritty of rescues and safety. The trainees learnt how to act in a man overboard scenario and some basics of ocean relevant first aid.

Chef Andre cooked up a delicious chicken and egg fried rice, a top-tier Tucker lunch, eaten on deck in the sunshine underway. We reached the hole in the rock, a beautiful archway structure, rich with ocean and bird life. Into the dinghy we piled to explore the arch from below. The ocean surface was teaming with fish-life, with surfacing schools of fish spanning over 100 meters, including kawai, blue maomao, kingfish and snapper. The arch, perfect conditions, and extraordinary wildlife display, made for a particularly special experience.

We returned to the Tucker in excitement with beaming smiles, reluctant to leave, but eager to make way to Deep Water Cove for a snorkelling and kina collecting mission

Posting early today from gorgeous Deep Water Cove, our final anchorage will be at Oke Bay; a serene and sheltered bay, the perfect spot for a hearty boil up and a peaceful nights rest.