Greetings from all of us on the R Tucker Thompson,

A unanimous decision was made last night about having a half hour sleep in, this morning, so it gave the sun enough time to shine on deck from behind the hills around Paradise Bay. So at 8am, the trainees slowly rose out of their bunks, slipped into their togs and into the clear blue water around the ship. Morning duties, breakfast and a surprise bunk inspection was rewarded for the tidiest bunk.

Safety officers made their engine checks, trainees gathered on deck to their stations and Mac prepared and hoisted the anchor without any of the crew having to help! “Hoist away!” the signal was given and the sails went up in no time. A gentle south westerly wind was blowing as we sailed around the bay, stretching our legs and making sure the trainees got a chance at steering the ship.

Some climbed aloft, some chilled on the bowsprit and we used the opportunity of being at sea to practice our knots while keeping the helmsman company! Bowline, reef knot, clove hitch… Mac, Mason, Patrick, Laura, Zane and Cole all had a go.

We anchored for lunch at Motuarohia island, had a sausage sizzle and making the most of the weather, grabbed snorkelling gear and went for an exploration of twin lagoon.  Captain Wayne caught a few fish including a Snapper! (it’s currently stuffed with lemon and garlic and baking in the oven)

Back on the ship, warm showers and hot chocolates all round. Then we sat in the saloon around  the chart of the bay if islands, and talked about the basics of Navigation. We learned the difference between latitude and longitude and magnetic north with true north. We can now plot a course on a chart, and are ready to put it into practice. We have two young navigators Aylah and Ben who will give us a course to steer tomorrow!