Come sailing in the Bay of Islands! Regardless of age or ability the R.Tucker Thompson has created memories and friends for thousands of travellers. And although the ship is the domain of the youngsters for much of the year, adults get the chance to join in during the New Zealand summer.Our tourism sailings run from November until Easter, providing the chance for visitors to experience a working tall ship.You don’t often get the opportunity to  sail on a working tall ship, help set the sails or take the helm. But on the Tucker, you are welcome! We have harnesses if you want the challenge of climbing the rigging or climb out on the bowsprit and ride the waves. If you you’d like to relax, that’s fine too – enjoy the delicious food and chat with our friendly crew.Profits made from tourism activities help us keep the ship in good condition as well as support our youth sail training programmes. We may not be the cheapest day tourism product in the Bay, but we think you’ll agree that it is good value… plus you are supporting a good cause! Book online here  and come sailing with us!

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Youth voyages

The R.Tucker Thompson Sail Training Trust runs life changing adventures for young people aged between 13 and 18. They take place between April and November and are a suitable activity for those who are undergoing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award  or the St John Cadet Ventureship Gold Badge award. A recent survey carried out of parents and former sail trainees to test their effectiveness can be downloaded here.

Our flagship 7-day youth development voyages provide an opportunity to build confidence, learn about teamwork and develop leadership skills.

Our school trips are affordable and fun providing the chance to experience a tall ship for a couple of hours as part of our Russell Kororareka field package.

Or we can customise our programmes to deliver the learning outcomes required specially tailored for a specific group. Contact us for more information.

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The R. Tucker Thompson is operated by a not-for-profit trust which is a registered charity. All income derived from our tourism sailing activities are used for her maintenance, as well as providing a contribution to help Northland youth access the sail training voyages.

In this way, the ship can continue to provide pleasure and learning to people of all ages; young and old, Māori and Pākehā, visitors and Northlanders alike.

The ship was originally owned in partnership by Tod Thompson, Greta Simmonds and Russell Harris until 1992, when Russell purchased Tod and Greta’s shares in the ship. On reaching retirement, Russell wanted to protect the future of this Northland icon and transferred her into a Trust for the benefit of the people of Te Tai Tokerau Northland.

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