367-TheBowsprit2-sToday we got up while it was still dark and instead of a morning swim, we raised the anchor and set out into the bay. As everyone set the sails there was a beautiful sunrise. Then we turned the motor off so it was quiet while we had hot chocolates and watched the sunrise. Breakfast and cleaning was done underway and the trainees climbed up to loose the top sails. We eventually turned back towards the island of Waewaetorea for fun on the beach and exploring the hills. Lunch was then ready so back on the ship for crayfish, fried rice, and pizza. That afternoon everyone finished getting their sailors bracelets and Thomas gave Nate a chess battle. Then we moved to Paradise Bay where we will stay our final night. Mitch and her helpers are cooking up a storm for our big last night dinner. The weather is still and calm and soon we will see the sunset too! Looking forward to seeing family again tomorrow afternoon in Opua but don’t want to leave!