Ahoj from the good ship.

After leaving shore and waving goodbye to our whanau, we set the foresail and headed off into the bay ready for adventure. On our way out we saw a bucket floating in the water and decided it was the perfect opportunity for a “man over board” procedure.

Making our way through the swell past Tapeka, we had a lunch of sausages and onion. After we made anchor at Wai iti bay on Moturua Island, the crew showed the trainees around the ship, getting everyone familiar with how the ship operates and the safety procedures of the ship.

Then we went for a nice long walk around the whole island, playing some games at the old WW2 bunker, battling up the hills and taking in the scenery.

Back on the ship Cory, Abby, Trinity, Ben, Joshua, Eva, Siobhan and Ngakiri jumped into the water for a swim.

Now the trainees are going through their log books and filling out their daily log while we wait on the delicious smelling dinner to be cooked.

Po marie