We started the day off with the usual morning swim, duties and then breakfast.
While we waited for the sun to arrive beyond the clouds we completed the last classes in the trainees handbooks. Then we hoisted anchor and continued over to turtle island for a swim and adventure. Miriam, Gustavo, Willi, Gautier, Erikka and Maja all went for a snorkel and the remaining trainees were happy to chill on the ship. We moved to Waewaetorea to enjoy our pizza lunch and after the dishes were completed, we all went a shore and the trainees had the options of either playing games, going for a hike, swim, or just relax. Once we got back onto the ship some of the trainees pulled out the rope swing and went for an enjoyable sunset plunge. Were now waiting for a delicious roast dinner while playing cards around the table. Our last night will be spent mingling, laughing and enjoying the time we have left together.