After saying goodbye to everyone’s loved ones we set sail and headed towards army bay for our first anchorage of the week. We began by playing a name game to get to know each other a bit better before unpacking our bunks and making ourselves at home.
Along the way we enjoyed an amazing meal of macaroni and cheese before bumping into dolphins at Tapeka point who were also enjoying a delicious meal. As we arrived to our first anchorage we launched the tender and headed towards the beach for a hike around Moturua Island. We reached the army bunker on the island and had a quick break before continuing the amazing walk.  Once we got back onto the ship Miriam, Materoa, Julie, Willi, Clotilde, Johanna, Gustavo, Erikka and Gautier went for a swim, Gautier was first in. Rena enjoyed a book while watching the sunset. Johanna was the first to climb the rigging followed by Maja, Willi, Gautier, Erikka and Julie. We moved to our overnight anchorage in Orokawa where we completed orientation. Now everyone is relaxing and getting to know each other under the stars while we wait for a promising meal of spaghetti Bolognese.