Toru Ra

Ahoy there from the R Tucker T. Today has been a long day full of activity’s and adventure. Our morning started off with the traditional morning swim in the brisk seas followed by morning duties and breakfast.

Dishes done anchor up and we motored our last leg up the coast towards the Bay of Islands along the way we ran through a knot lesson for our knot tying race and even stopped into a Bay for a dive. Fortunately for us we managed to get five Packhorse Crayfish and two Red Moki and kinas!!!.

Anchor up once again we continued our way north and made it around the Cape Brett peninsula, Rakaumaungamaunga. We had enough time to lower the tender and go off for an adventure through the Hole in the rock and into Cathedral cave “SO MUCH FUN”

After some donuts and adventure in the hole in the rock we carried our way back into the bay. Come sunset we dropped anchor in Paradise bay where we will be spending the night. Right now we have just finished our knot tying competition and beginning some class work of fishing regulations and anchoring.

Everyone is all happy and looking forward to dinner and tonight’s dessert of apple crumble.

Po Marie