Ahoy maties! This is Greta Simmonds, back aboard dear old Tucker for my first passage beyond the Bay of Islands in around 25 years. I was part of the partnership that built the ship back in the 1980’s.  I have such a feeling of homecoming. It lifts my heart to stand on her deck as she turns her bow toward the horizon once again.

We are bound for Turanga-nui-a-Kiwa (Gisborne) for Tuia 250, remembering the first encounter of Maori and Europeans 250 years ago. The first leg of the journey will take us to Tauranga, where I will disembark and trainees will board. We haven’t come far today. Wayne brought the ship into Marsden Cove at the mouth of Whangarei harbour this afternoon and a very happy group of trainees departed. We have only got as far as Smugglers’ Cove just outside the harbour, snugged out of the stinging Westerly for the night.

We passed Little Munro Bay where Tucker and Tod Thompson built this hull. In the morning we will be up early to sail to Great Barrier Island.

Under Captain Tim, we are Ethan, Magnus, Tiaho, Chynna and Karl, Rick and Kyra, and me.

Greta and Chynna looking quite happy to head out!

Little Munroe Bay – where the hull was built