Urquarts Bay, 35*50.790’s, 174*31.787’e

Good evening family and friends. Today we finished the final coastal leg of this voyage down the coast and are now safely anchored up in Whangarei Harbour.

Our day began with sunshine and a swim with Bianca attempting her first backflip into the water. Followed by the usual ship-shape clean of which Anneka is definitely our best helper. By the time breakfast was finished Tutukaka Harbour was getting very crowded with weekend goers enjoying the lovely Sunday weather. Even a little blue penguin popped it’s head up to say hello.

Inspired by the crystal clear water, all boarded onto the ships tender and fizzed off to a snorkelling sight. The Tutukaka peninsular was explored a little bit underwater and then also by foot. Upon return to the ship, everyone enjoyed a hot lunch of toasted sandwiches and pizza.

Then it was time to set sail! With a good 15 knot breeze from the North now blowing and a following sea the conditions were ideal for the final leg! Tamihana used the VHF radio to make a trip report with coast guard of our intentions to head south. All hands to host sail! And the engines shut down as we set a good pace doing the 20 plus nautical miles to Whangarei. Along the way, the tucker challenge bracelets were made, cookies were eaten and singalongs were enjoyed. Then only half an hour from the entrance to Whangarei Harbour we were joined by a pod on commons dolphins! Tunisia, Frankie, Bianca and Anneka sat out in the bowsprit net which dolphins swimming under their feet for an hour! Close to arrival all hands helped to lower and stow away sail. I’m proud to say the trainees are quick learners remembering skills they only just learned two days ago.

Tonight we are anchored safely in Urquarts Bay, expecting a bit of a nasty, rainy font to come through early tomorrow morning from the North. A big roast dinner is in the oven for our final night together – yum! We will see you in Marsden Cove tomorrow afternoon!