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Ahoj from the Good Ship Happy Birthday Tucker Thompson, in person.

I have to say I have had a most enjoyable day , the trainees slept in a little then wished me a Happy Birthday as they went for a swim, there was extra spit and polish with the duties and I was left sparkling and smelling of roses.   Such a calm morning trainees took the moment to achieve the Tucker Challenge, tickling the ratlines with the carabiners, searching within themselves as they tentatively stepped out onto the yard and out to the end to much support below, Kayla, Grace, Rivkah, Ocean, Hannah, Skylar, Abby, Tristan, Atticus,and Chae, well done.  Then I got a new lace on my foresail and Eloise tallowed down for ease of hoisting. The crew searched the ship for any kind of flag or bunting and hoisted all with some sail and the trainees took me for a gentle sail to Motuarohia, my most favourite island. At anchor with a gentle sway they enjoyed a pizza lunch , then  they all went ashore and left me in peace. I could hear screams and laughter as they played games, went snorkelling in the lagoon then climbed to the lookout. They were soon back onboard with all their excitement which of course I can never tire of, more swimming swinging then a very nice celebration for me a little song as the cake appeared with  a belay pin as a candle almost had me in tears, there was hot chocolate and marshmallows and some shared their crumbs with me, most delicious, thanks Hannah. There was a quiet time while everyone reflected on taking me for a birthday sail but fortunately the breeze dispersed and we went for a gentle motor to Motukiekie to an entirely new anchorage for me, what a treat. There is some hunting gathering going on under me, the usual bowsprit laughter, a navigation class for some sailors, challenge bands been made. It is peaceful, I hear the talk of a big sail down the coast in the morning where I can be back at work showing off my special traits, all sail set, miles to cover. We are off to Paradise for the night, a perfect location for a restful night. To all who keep me afloat, thank you so much, I have enjoyed every mile, every wisp of wind, every splash of every wave and every voice that has been aboard. Each trainee is a breath of fresh salt air, if we have yet to meet, come see me this summer, I will be in Russell every day. The crew are back, so off to Paradise.

Ma te wa