Ahoj from the R Tucker Thompson.

Day 2 has been a full day with almost perfect weather to accompany us up the coast and into the Cavalli Islands! We started off with our morning swim, Te Ao being the first trainee in the water. Once everyone was dry, it was time for the ship to get her daily loving- deck scrubbing, brass polishing and of course, cleaning the head. Once chores were out of the way, it was time for breakfast.

Before we hoisted the anchor and headed off on another adventure, we had to go through our ‘safety at sea’ procedures, running through an abandon ship drill.

As soon as we hoisted the anchor, the sails were set and we headed off out of the bay and towards our destination- the Cavalli Islands.

On the way, we went through a few lessons, played some games, ate some yummy curried sausages for lunch and sailed the ship. Ngahuia took the helm for a while and did an excellent job. Daisy and Grace headed out on the bowsprit for a joy ride in the wind.

Once we got to Motu kawanui, we dropped the anchor and took a trip ashore, Ngahuia, Pihanga, Michelle, Te Ao, Iziaha, Razarn and Jayden went for a dive for kina.

We’ve just had a delicious dinner of boil up and then we’ll be doing another lesson before bedtime. No doubt everyone will sleep well tonight.

Po marie