Yth 1804- Wha ra blog

It was a fast start this morning.
With the trainees enthusiasm to be the first in for the morning swim everyone jumped in before the ladder had been placed in the water. It was very hard to tell who was first in the water for the winning point but we came to the conclusion that Kristie, Prairie, Eva, Crystal, Boston and Jonathon all won a point to go towards their schools final tally up. To be cheeky Captain Tim tried to place the ladder on the port side of the ship rather than the usual starboard side so they would all have to swim around, but after a good amount of banter we ended up putting in the ladder where the trainees had all jumped in. Once the trainees were spotless and clean it was straight into morning duties then breakfast. The trainees completed classes in fishing regulations, anchoring, recycling, biosecurity and nutrition before heading up stairs to stretch their legs. Lil tuck was pulled out and the trainees enjoyed timed races around the boat and knot races to score points. The teams did a great job supporting each other and trying their best. We had time for a lot of the trainees to complete the tucker challenge. Kristy was first up followed by prairie, Eva, Kase, Kyah, Jordan, Campbell, Crystal all finished the challenge and Boston made it to the second rat board and is very proud of his efforts, tomorrow is another day.
We lifted anchor and headed over to Mimiwhangata Bay. On arrival we enjoyed a delicious curried lunch before launching the tender and heading towards the beach for more fun and games. We challenged them with some games of softball and bat down. We spent our 30 minutes of silence walking to one end of the beach and back along with a football, footprints, cartwheels and a beach clean. Some of the trainees were desperate for toilet relief so we hiked over to Waikahoa (the next bay over from Mimiwhangata) for a toilet break. Back on the ship we found that we were sitting on top of a large reefed platform. We named this the Tucker reef, we had no idea it was here! The trainees had a chance to go for a snorkel; Jonathon was first in the water followed by Crystal, Boston, Jordan, Michaela and Isabella. Kristie, Prairie, Campbell, Eva, Kase and Kyah were all below decks getting their turksheads bracelets for completing the tucker challenge. The divers collected some kina, however most of them were outside of their best before date.
The divers are now all nice and warm and enjoying the company of their friends below deck while we wait for a beautiful Corned silver side dinner. We still have a huge week ahead of us so stay tuned for more interesting blogs to come!