Yth 1804- Toru ra blog

This morning once again Boston and Jonathan were first in the water for the morning swim, after everyone enjoyed their nice warm showers it was straight into the morning duties followed by breakfast. Once breakfast was devoured the trainees sat in for some classes of safety at sea and Rules of the road at sea. They had a quick break and some time to stretch their legs before they picked up some lines and practiced their knots.

Then it was time to hoist the sails and move on. The trainees were all able to do this with only minimal guidance from the crew. As we headed towards the exit of Orokawa bay a man over board drill was completed with everyone putting 100% effort into retrieving the overboard object. After executing a well organised man over board drill we decided to capitalize on a fair westerly breeze and set a course south bound towards Paparahi Bay. Along the way the trainees got up and close with Motu Kokaku – Hole in the Rock. Some even had time to complete the Tucker Challenge. Michaela was first to complete the challenge, followed by Jonathan and Isabella.

During the passage south lunch was served and the trainees headed down stairs to play some games. We enjoyed hot chocolates and left over cake that Campbell and Jordan baked last night. On arrival we lowered sails and dropped anchor and the trainees were straight in for an afternoon swim. Kristy and Prairie have decided to make cream puffs for our desert tonight. Our dinner is also in the oven as the ship warms. Little time for extra competition today but the promise of more games and competition in the morning.

We can say at this stage that Whangarei Girls High School have a one point lead over Dargaville and Taipa, then Kaitaia, Kerikeri and Pompallier. The challenges ahead are a variety of mental and manual with the lead likely to change over the coming days.

Goodnight Pomarie!