Ahoj friends and family of the R. Tucker T.

Portia was first swimmer into the water this morning. First person in the water equals first person in the shower. After a quick icy dip and a warm up shower, trainees completed their morning chores. Then Wayne cooked us a mean breakfast to fuel the morning sail.

The team brought their game to the deck, hoisting the main, fore and head sails. Taine had a turn taking the wheel again.  It was good to finally have some wind to work with so we sailed around past Motu arohia and around to Wai iti bay where we stopped for some lunch.

After a short dinghy ride we were on the beach and playing traditional Maori games with Matua Wiremu. Lots of laughs later everyone began the walk all the way around the island of Moturua. Taine, Portia and Bella sprinted down the hills and Grace roly-polyed down the grassy ones. Cherysh, Sarah, Taine, Matiu and Anna took on an extra hill and went up to the old pa site with the WW2 bunker for a look at the view of Tikitiki.

Once we got back on the ship, Te Miringa, Portia, Taine and Michelle went for a swim doing bombs and body slaps off the ship swing. We have just sailed over to our night anchorage ate Hue, with Matiu and Te Miringa taking the helm and Annas laughs blasting through the ship.

Corned beef for dinner tonight and on to our last full day tomorrow.

Po marie