Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, back in home waters of the Bay of Islands after an adventurous day at sea and shore. It began at 0500 with awakening for some star identification of what had happened overnight while we were sleeping. Wiremu indicating what we had observed the previous night and showing the rotation that had occurred. It was a noticeably warmer morning than previously and soon the anchor was raised and we were underway for the Bay. No swim but the invitation to a sensational morning.

Steaming north towards Motukokako, Piercy Island. Emily on the helm, Taine up the rigging with Grace on the look for whales, Sarah keeping quiet around the helm, Matiu practising his rowing technique, Te Miringa, Michelle not to be seen, Portia, Cherysh,  Anna –Lee and Bella around the table as we awaited the new day. It arrived in spectacular orangeness at 0718 with still a little way to the entrance of the Bay. We had breakfast at “the hole” and it was decided it was too lumpy for pleasure and a blast through the arch in the tender, so continued on into the shelter ahead. Deciding on our island of choice we encountered a pod of dolphins which spent a little time with us, then continued on our way to Motuarohia where we anchored for lunch and the afternoon. Matiu was soon rowing Lil Tuck about, Grace and Anna-Lee floating about.

After lunch all were ashore for some walking and games. Cheyrsh, Portia and Anna-Lee found a cave to swim in the others headed for the lookout and views of the islands. Back at the beach Wiremu introduced some more new games and kept all busy and entertained until the shadows got longer than the play area and we headed back to the Tucker to select our overnight anchorage, eventually ending up at Pipi Bay, chosen for a safe anchorage and 30 minutes silence on deck listening for kiwi. Bit of class work, dinner then silence and probably leftover afghans for dessert.

Po marie