Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, steaming up the coast after an interesting departure from the harbour. Getting things done in the calm soon changed as we arrived at the entrance to Whangarei Heads. Fortunately all gear was stowed and lunch with dishes were completed. The southerly which had built all the way down the harbour peaked at forecast of 25 knots as we bashed our way out past the channel buoys, heading east along the south coast of Bream Head, the main sail we had hoisted at the wharf side soon had headsails drawing and as we rounded the Olde Woman the Course sail was set and we blasted our way north, cracking up to 7.8 knots.

Was a little bit of anxious moments as stomachs settled and heads adjusted to the constantly moving horizon. A little orientation and line handling as the trainees could handle it. Tutukaka was an option but we settled on going further today and recovery day tomorrow. The seas are subsiding as we gather in northern degrees, dinner is in the stove as we begin closing hatches to capture the warmth. The sun set has just happened, the full moon is astern,  and we shall be at anchor within the hour. Just dropped anchor at Paparahi, dead flat calm, ready for a sunshine swim in the morning.

Po marie