Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson. Second day and in some respects the first after we awoke late, recovering from yesterday’s ocean passage. The morning swim was short sharp and the shower was isolated in the gusts as trainees ran around to capture it. The sun had yet to create much warmth so duties above and below decks linked the time to breakfast being served. It was then after the dishes were put away we got the harnesses out and introduced the trainees to going aloft, the beginning of the Tucker Challenge,

As this began we lifted anchor and moved to Waikahoa across the bay. The tender was lowered in preparation for the shore visit and trainees were again clambering the rigging as lunch was cooking. Bella and Grace were first out port and starboard yard arms, then came Taine, Te Miringa, Portia, Michelle, Cherysh, Anna, Matiu and Emily. Emily spent the most time up there saying she wasn’t coming up again to do it, top effort. Sarah had two attempts with the second getting to the crosstrees and cheering Emily on, “will be back later in week”. Lunch done and dished and we had our first venture ashore. Once on the beach we headed for the hills,  Tohumoana , a significant high point above Ngahau with great views of the coast from Cape Brett to Tutukaka. Rested and feeling the breeze we headed back to the sunshine and shelter of Mimiwhangata beach.

At one furlong in length, the Foote family from the district used to train horses along it, today it we utilise it for our 30 minute silent period. It taking the full time of reflection to journey to the other end and back. Then over to Waikahoa for some fun and education with Wiremu who taught us some old maori games and introduced us to the Polynesian  navigational compass. The tide was creeping up the beach and floating our tender, perfect time to get back onboard before the sun sets, dinner on and class in progress. The moon lifting through coastal pohutukawa on a cloudless night, ideal for some star identification later. Everyone has settled into the routine of shiplife, supporting each other on the ship and ashore, becoming shipmates for life.

Po marie