Ahoj everyone!! What a change in weather from yesterday to today. Yesterday: flat seas and no wind; Today: horizontal rain and gusts of up to 62 knots.

Our day started with an enjoyable sleep in and lazy morning until 0900. After yesterday’s big day it was well enjoyed. Then due to missing yesterday’s morning swim all the trainees were keen to have a swim and a shower despite the rain and wind. That complete and everyone smelling fresh again we had a hot breakfast. It wasn’t long after breakfast was cleaned up and the wind got so strong that the ship started to drag her anchor through the deep mud at Jack’s Bay. Gusts of up to 62 knots were recorded on the now-casting station and the sea was white from the wind. The crew moved the ship to Opunga Cove where the anchor seemed to hold okay. During the move Trainees entertained each other being very hospitable in less than pleasant conditions. Ngaroma and Erika worked away making twelve delicious pizzas enjoyed by everyone. Although safe in the new anchorage the crew made the decision to use the daylight left in the afternoon to move the ship closer to Russell and to an even better anchorage for the night. Trainees were told of the plan and prepared for what could possibly get quite rough coming around Tapeka point. On deck, Jon, Keyah, Taedyn, Mahina and Walli got all coated up and kept the crew company on deck as the ship surfed the waves down-wind and around Tapeka. Keyah and Taedyn even were at the wheel for a while – in a gale! Down below decks, the trainees who had completed the Tucker Challenge of climbing out along the yards earlier in the week got there Turks-head bracelets made. Now the ship is safely anchored again near Matauwhi Bay, well prepared and protected from any more wind and rain that might come in the night. A big pork roast is in the oven for dinner with all the fixings. The trainees are content in each other’s company, new friends. Soon they will fill out their final log in their personal log books. Then we will have a great dinner and dream our last dreams sleeping in ships bunks.

We look forward to meeting family and friends again in Opua tomorrow at 1300. Bring a rain coat and we will see you there!

Good night   – Capt.