This morning, the trainees were awoken and asked to instead of heading to the usual morning swim, head straight for morning duties. Today’s routine was a bit unique as we had the special Olympic northland group coming aboard. The trainees have been asked to plan and organise a day sail where they will lead all the tasks and activities with trainees getting minimal help from the crew.
The tasks were set and our navigator leaders were Wiremu, Keyah and Tomas. Our safety brief was led by Wally. Our days greeting was led by Mahina. Our anchor handlers were ngaroma, Eden and Erikah. Our cooks were Wally and Manakitia. Our helms people were Tayden, Ash, Tomas and Mahina. Our sail leaders were Wiremu, Eden, Ash and Tayden. Harness operators were Jon, Erikah and keyah. End of day certificates were gonna be led by Tomas and our Captains for the day were Wiremu and Ngaroma. But before the big hand over, the trainees had time to enjoy breakfast and have some time to prepare themselves for the big day ahead.  At 9:30am we were alongside at the Russell wharf where the operations manager for the tucker came on board and briefed the trainees for the big day ahead. 10:00am the guests were all on board and we handed over to the trainees with much pride. While some of the trainees were down stairs preparing lunch, others were above hoisting sails and being great hosts. We arrived to our lunch destination at Roberton Island, dropped the anchor and launched the tender. Some of the guests headed for the beach while others decided to stay aboard. Once everyone was back on board it was a delicious hot soup meal for lunch, with bread buns supplied by our guests. Once dishes were done it was time to hoist the anchor and head for our final destination alongside the Russell wharf. On arrival a few of the trainees said some words of acknowledgment before handing our guests their certificates for participating in the day’s events.
We also have a special birthday trainee today, Happy birthday Erikah. We celebrated with singing her happy birthday before she blew out her candles on her birthday cake.
We completed a round of our highs, low and what we learnt for the day before saying our goodbyes.
Back on board the trainees were debriefed on how they feel the day went. We then carried on towards our night anchorage in Jacks with a special surprise. The trainees were treated with ice-creams for all their hard work and efforts for the day.
We are now anchored in jacks bay, the trainees are about to complete their log books while we wait for our delicious dinner to be served. The trainees have done an amazing job today and we are really proud of them.