Ahoj from the Good Ship R. Tucker Thompson, out of the bay, down Whangaruru way, after a  full day out on the Pacific Ocean. With the forecast not for favourable winds to take us north and rain on the deck we skipped the morning swim for early duties, breakfast and departure for Cape Brett and further south. Fullers tour boat Te Maki accompanied us through the Black rocks and received a  superb kapa haka performance, with all trainees participating at some level. The front line consisting of Santana, Kate, Mazaine, Sihrene and Ngataiawa, with backing from Ivan, Gemma, Hannah and  Bridgette. Bailey and Luke took care of the boom while Daemon looked on. Soon chocolate was passed between vessels and the trainees shared out their reward. The passage across to Peircy Island was a little unpleasant but another reward was the spectacular Hole in the Rock, then calm seas as the wind shifted and finally increased for a smooth sail down the coast. Soup was on deck and below for lunch, Daemon and Ivan went aloft for a time while others chose the bowsprit or took turns on the helm. At 3pm we dropped anchor at Waikahoa and all were glad of some time ashore with an awesome walk along Mimiwhangata beach. Much rubbish was collected especially by Hannah and Ivan, only four pegs collected, to be exchanged later for a chocolate fish. The shower cloud returned as we ferried back out to the Tucker to raise the anchor and determine an overnight anchorage. Crossing the harbour to Whangaruru trainees spread out from the bowsprit hammock to a singalong around the helm. In darkness we  secured  the anchor well up the harbour, away from the annoying rolling swell and  have just enjoyed a great spaghetti bolognaise meal and settling in for class work to free time up tomorrow for more adventure.

Po marie