Ahoj from the Tucker.

Today we had a bit of a different day planned. No swim this morning, which made Abbie’s week, so we got stuck into chores straight away. A quick breakky was had, with Jess assisting with the daily engine checks, then we hauled anchor and made our way to Russell in time to pick up some passengers! Our passengers were American students 1 week into a 3 week long programme spent in New Zealand, experiencing Maori culture and seeing the sights.

We picked up the passengers and motored out into the bay, with not a breath of wind hanging around for us to use. While we made our way to Roberton Island the trainees were busy entertaining their passengers. Anahera and Abbie were down below in the warmth of the galley making cakes to share for afternoon tea. Jacob and Logan were up in the rigging encouraging the passengers to climb up, Pearl, Alazay, Kopa and Dhama were ensuring passengers were safe, helping them put their harnesses on and getting them to climb out on the bowsprit. Arlia and T were busy on the helm taking the ship to her lunch destination.

Before lunchtime we dropped the anchor and all went ashore for a walk up the hill and a look at the beautiful lagoons. Dolphins were even spotted out to sea from the lookout on top of the hill! Then everyone was back on the ship for some hot soup. After lunch, the main sail was set and we were off again, across the bay in search of a spot for a swim and a snorkel.

Next stop was at Moturoa island. Most of the passengers got in the water, which was pretty impressive considering how chilly it was! Lots of laughter was shared watching Pearl and Kopa show off their bombing and body slamming skills, and Logan showing everyone how not to use the rope swing.

Then once everyone was all dried off it was time for hot choccys and freshly baked cake! Then we were on our way again, back to Russell. On the way back some of the American students completed the Tucker challenge and got their turks head anklets, well done to them.

Back in Russell, Cap Tim took everyone up the hill to the famous flag post. Then it was time for a sad goodbye to our new friends and trainees got back on the ship full of good memories of the day. As a reward for being such good hosts, we all had ice creams shouted by Tim!

After a busy day, everyone is pretty tired. We are now doing a 30 minute silence before dinner. It is guaranteed that everyone will sleep pretty well tonight.