Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, day six of seven, back at one clock tomorrow don’t forget. Most activities came with the catch phrase, “your last chance” as we tiki toured the Bay extensively filling in the gaps on our last full day.

Morning swim first, voted the most “ not missed” activity. Duties and dishes with the anchor team of Arlia on controls and Alazay flaking the chain having it hoisted and  off to Waewaetorea. With no wind the trainees had some fun in Little Tuck, our on deck dinghy. Logan with a free demonstration and instruction to Jess and Kopa,  Pearl taking the opportunity to don her wetsuit and have a swim. Then ashore for some games and beach walk. Some clambered the first hill for views down onto the Tucker anchored in crystal waters. Back on board with pizzas for lunch we were soon on the move, outside of the islands through Albert Passage to Urupukapuka bay, the sun burning off the cloud for an hour of rest before heading ashore for our 30 minutes silence, spent basking on the beach. Then activity of bat down, touch and general mayhem. With the sun leaving the beach we got back on board for some to swim and swing with others applauding and encouraging the wet ones. Still no wind as the engine delivers us to Otupoho or Homestead Bay on Moturua, an ideal location for a game of spot light, as the big pork roast steams up the portholes. The last of the class work is tackled and we all settle in for a last night burst of fun and laughter. See you tomorrow with more stories.

Po marie