Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, shulking around Whangaruru from bay to bay. The hill hid the sun for a bit so the swim was a bit quicker, duties complete and breakfast served, anchor up and on the move as the dishes got completed. No wind so we adapted our day to motoring across and getting the Tucker Challenge under way. Logan first to complete, then Jacob, Tearorangi and Kopa were done as Jess reached the crosstrees to step out onto the yardarm. Then Abbie, Anahera, Pearl and Arlia out of the galley all completed the challenge before we lowered the anchor. Alazay and Arlia  with assistance from Dharma, had baked a cake, left to cool as we got ashore to hike around Mimiwhangata Peninsula. In brilliant sunshine, beachcombing for plastic and other waste, the rare clothes peg to be exchanged for chocolate fish, but alas, just a pocket of tiny plastic. Jacob collected a nautilus shell almost complete, Jess searched for the largest catseye and won, Pearl kicked and passed the rugby ball the whole way, Kopa and Tearorangi chilled at the back mostly. Back on board for lunch then a sail plan for the afternoon, hoist main and fore and headsails for the first time. Trainees showing their knowledge of the lines with quick, uncomplicated hoists. Towards Mokau then tacking back,  then a wear bringing us around to a sheltered anchorage for a snorkel. Jess was keen but the cool temperature soon had her back on board, Logan and the crew headed over to investigate some caves and the shoreline, a dive bottle washed ashore their only reward. A bit lumpy for an overnight so we headed back, into the shelter of Whangaruru, some more class work and talk of tomorrow, returning back to the Bay, hopefully with a stop at Motukokako and the chance to go through the Hole in the Rock.