Ahoj friends and family of the R. Tucker.

We started off our second day on board with a lovely brisk morning swim. Logan was the first trainee in the water, closely followed by Jacob. Once everyone was warm and dry we then got stuck in to the morning chores. With the brass freshly polished and shining in the sunlight, we had our breakfast to fuel us up for the activities to come.

On our way out of Pipi Bay, Air New Zealand had a film crew out that wanted to get some footage of us hoisting the sails so the trainees put on a good show for them. We’re going to be famous!

While we left the bay and sailed south, trainees went through and learnt all the lines on the ship and how to handle them. With the sails up and a bit of a roll going, Logan, Jacob and Arlia went out on the bowsprit to ride the waves. Kopa was soon aloft in his favourite place. Jessica went for a climb up the swaying rigging to get a better look at Motu Kokako as sailed past. Once we got around the hole in the rock, the going got much smoother and stomachs were settled, some knots were learnt  with Arlia the first to complete the five, then some curried sausages for lunch.

After lunch we dropped sails and motored into Mimiwhangata where we stopped for a trip ashore. We spent some time playing beach games, Alazay and Kopa took the lead for poi rakau, before we all did a 30 minute silence walk along  the beach.  Then a quick game of touch with too many rules from everybody, so we shifted to bat down, Anahera smashing the ball out past the fielders

Back on the ship, Pearl, Kopa and Logan performed some manus and staples off the side of the ship and some cake was shared.

Now we are heading to our night anchorage at Whangaruru, with dinner smells wafting through the ship.  Dharma and Abbie enjoying the sunset on deck. A full day almost over.

Po marie