Ahoy!! From the good ship R Tucker Thompson. Today has been a full on, entertaining and adventurous day full of laughter and fun. Our day started off at 07:15am with a morning swim in the brisk ocean followed by morning duties of cleaning the ship – sweeping, moping, scrubbing the decks, and polishing the brass. After duties a yummy hot breakfast was devoured and then we went straight into line handling and how to raise and lower sails.

After spending some time doing these lesson we put the trainees to the test. We set sails and Jaeshana took the helm with confidence as we made our way towards Roberton Island (Motuarohia) having a calm and peaceful passage. Upon arrival we dropped anchor lowered the dinghy and motored towards a lagoon where Ruby, Katarina , Zion, Jamiro, Zalina, Hunter, Hemana and Lyndon went snorkeling to see the marine life around the island- Jamiro had also nearly caught a crayfish but unfortunately it slipped out of his hands “ BUTTER FINGERS!! “ after we were getting cold in the freezing water we all jumped out of the lagoon and everyone went for a run/walk up to the top of the island to see the beautiful 360 degree views of the Bay of Islands.

Back on board the ship, Lunch devoured, sails set and we set our course for Te Puna Inlet. During our sail Maxwell Minaia and Brooklyn climbed up the rigging and were on lookout for any dolphins or whales, we did not find any but we sailed through a large raft of little blue penguins (Korora) – a very cool experience for everyone on board. Jaeshana is in the galley making a delicious banana cake for afternoon tea. Later on this evening we are all planning to head to shore at Chynna’s Bay to play some games on the beach and have a bonfire and cook our own sausage sizzles for dinner and a side of marshmallows for pudding “YUM”. Everyone is settling in all nicely and becoming really good friends with one another, we look forward for what tomorrow brings us.

Ka kite ano