Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, anchored up in Mahinepua Bay, away from the northerly swell which rolled the ship awake this morning. With the sun not quite on the deck the trainees went through the ritual of a quick plunge and brief hot shower to wake us all.  D’arjae the first in and almost last out, with all the others using different techniques to get wet. T

hen clean the ship, swabbing the sole, head and tea towels , scrubbing the deck and polishing the brass, all ready for the day ahead. Below in the galley,  Mitch prepared breakfast which all enjoyed. Dishes complete, trainees were split into their Port and Starboard watches and introduced to harnesses and going aloft, line handling and sail hoisting.

Then The Tucker Challenge came into conversation, and Alex was soon harnessed up and climbing, clipping, changing lines, sliding out with outstretched fingers to touch the very end of the yardarm. Then  D’arje, Maya, Breanna, Thomas, Ellie, Tia and Keisha had all landed back on deck. Chloe had bettered her effort from yesterday and was happy with that. Freda figured she has all week, Remutai and Scott looked on from the bowsprit all encouraging the efforts of their friends. And it’s only 1030, off ashore for some time on land, Waiti at high tide did not offer much, the new Doc Hut situated just back from the beach was past as we headed over the hill to Papatara bay and the olde farmhouse, for an impromptu stone skimming, throwing, collecting before getting back on board for lunch. Rest time before we were all back on deck attending lines, hoisting and setting sails out past the northern end of the Cavalli group,  named by James Cook after trading for some fish on his first visit in 1769.

Tacking into a light northerly with Chloe on the helm we set a course for Mahinepua, lowering and stowing sails before again tendering ashore to stretch the legs along the peninsula out to the Trig station. Making the most of the weather conditions we chose this site to initiate the 30 minutes of silence, with trainees adapting to the landscape, finding somewhere comfortable and taking the time to reflect, contemplate, become part of their surrounds for 30 minutes. Then the return hike to the beach and dinghy out to the ship, when the second load arrived, Rimutai, D’arje, Thomas and Maya putting on a display from the rigging into the calm seas. Tender hoisted, a round of hot chocolate and a class, introducing the voyage manual for the daily log to be filled out.

Dinner is filling the ship with great smells and enjoyable heat, the chatter about the table is already like that of long friendships. Looking for new memories tomorrow.

Po marie