Ahoj from the R. Tucker.

We woke up this morning for another beautiful swim in the clean waters of Mahinepouri. After this refreshing wake up, trainees got stuck into their chores before breakfast was served. As the dishes were being done, we hoisted anchor and began our journey home to the Bay. Maya did a 10/10 flake of the chain, well done. In the 30 mins of free time, Chloe- aided by Keisha and Tia, climbed out to see the sights on the bowsprit with Breanna, Alex and Ellie. No wind unfortunately so we had to motor our way down, but the sea looked beautiful so calm and glassy. Chloe was on lookout for the blue penguins, and we saw many today because of the flat sea.

Then we did some learning about safety at sea, hypothermia, bullying and navigation. Class was interrupted by a lazy swell rocking everyone to sleep, so we headed up on deck for our 30 minute silence, watching the gannets do their slow dive off their colony on Tikitiki Island.

After that, we motored over to check out the many sea caves around the Northern corner of the Bay to have an amazing soup cooked by the amazing Mich for lunch. Then we made our way to Roberton Island for a snorkel and a beach comb. D’Arjae, Scott, Chloe, Maya and Rimutai got in the water to check out the lagoon on Roberton Island. Alex and Scott then went for a tiki tour looking for shells and rocks. Tia, Keisha, Freda and Thomas stayed onshore bathing in the last rays of sunshine.

Back on the ship, we had a Fullers boat come over to check us out so Rimutai, Thomas and D’Arjae performed a fearsome haka to the tourists. Didn’t get any chocolate tips though.

Then we hoisted the anchor again and took off towards our night anchorage at Hue Bay, with some dolphins accompanying us.  Chicken for dinner mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chickeeeeeeeeen……..