Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, a day started in darkness and will end the same, fitting it all into the last full day. From Deep Water Cove with stars still above we motored out towards Motukokako, Piercy island, “the hole in the rock”. A side passage out to Bird rock revealed a seal on top awaiting the sun and six others sprawled about. The calmest of mornings with a gentle left over swell made for action at the hole as we circumnavigated to find a quiet place for breakfast and dishes. The trainees were splitting up to those for the Cape Brett to Deep Water Cove hike and those to stay aboard.  Kristin, Alyndrea, Quintin, Chloe, Hemi, Paris, Elliott and Guy leapt ashore onto the landing steps at the Cape and began the walk to the Lighthouse, some twenty minutes above them, then onto the winding, dropping, climbing trail back to where they would meet the ship. Guy and Quintin took the lead with the girls, Alyndrea, Elliott, Kristin and Chloe closely behind, and Paris and Hemi being the tail end Charlies. The bum-burner hills were rewarded with some stunning views from around the bay and all the way out to the Poor Knights.

The crew left aboard had the cleaning, Aaydin tackled the tea towels while Tylah and Ezra swept and mopped the sole. The brass and head got polished and we were all shipshape. Lunch was well underway when the walkers arrived at the beach, picking them up we headed back in through Albert Passage to anchor at Paradise Bay for a rest up. Then activity took over once more, the swing was out, swimmers heading for the beach and the rest ferried in by tender. A creek to build a bridge over, a log for water fun, pohutukawa swing, even sunbathing took place as everyone had some free time. Once more below decks, in class, knowledge quiz to round off the lessons, general discussions and the problem solving of getting home tomorrow, one o’clock at Opua, remember! A course to be set, tasks to be allocated, roles to play to get the ship home.

I have faith we can do it, even with the small amount of wind we have had for sailing, the spirit in the trainees is peaking. From here we go over to Motuarohia for the night, closer to home and ideal place for a game of spotlight before dinner.

Ka kite and see you tomorrow! (1 o’clock don’t forget 😉