Ahoj from the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, not yet on anchor, on passage to Deep Water Cove for the night. The day started with a swim noticeably warmer on deck with no wind to chill the benefit of the warm shower. Duties before breakfast, then off with the dishes getting done to Motuarohia, no wind.

Ashore for a hike to the lookout followed by some games on the flats. Hemi, Guy and Alyndrea being the winners of the blindfold obstacle course, Tylah and Ezrataking us through Pukana, Paris teaching everyone how to play a memory game and all trainees having a go at our new favourite game, Kite.

Then we were back to the ship for lunch, no wind. Some baking in the galley by Kristen and Elliot, observed by others, encouraged by Aadyn with Guy, Quintin and Chloe making an entrance when there were spoons to be licked and leftovers in the pot. Before we headed off for some low tide sports. Hoping for some cricket on the shell bank, the cloud cover and threat of showers left us football on Urupukapuka. Back on board we munched honey bubble cakes and discussed the options for tomorrow, with Cape Brett on our gangway.

Po marie.