Another beautiful day was ahead as we arose to crystal clear waters in Paradise bay. The trainees leapt straight into the morning swim followed by a blanket of warmth under the shower and into morning duties. This was followed by breakfast then we moved around the corner to Waewaetorea passage where we dropped anchor and Reubyn, Grace, Kian, Pera and Moritz were quickly in the water and off for a dive of kinas along the rocks..

Our crew member Wayne came back after half an hour of spear fishing with a 21 pound snapper. It was then time for a spot of lunch where everyone enjoyed homemade pizzas. Then once again the trainees geared up and we headed for shore to experience the Taniwha cave. Which the trainees loved! 20 metres of walking into a deep darkness, opening up into a bright beautiful lagoon.

During this experience Reubyn, Damin, Evan, Kendal, Erina and Grace cracked open some kina to feed the plentiful fish the lagoon has to offer and Jovan, Moeau, Kian, Moritz and Pera decided to sunbathe on the rocks. After a good hour of fun it was time to head back in. The trainees spent some time on the beach under the sun to warm up before launching the tender and heading back to the ship.

On arrival back to the ship it was time to move again. The anchor was raised followed by the fore and headsails and off we went. We currently reside at Roberton Island where the trainees are down below enjoying their last moments together while the aromours of a scrumptious roast linger on through the ship.
Alas we will see you all tomorrow at the Opua wharf at 1pm.
See you all then!