It was a beautiful start to the first day of voyage 1816 as we hoisted the fore sail and headed out of the bay towards our anchorage in Sandy Bay on Moturoa Island. The trainees participated in the name game before heading down stairs to unpack their bags. Once that was completed they enjoyed an orientation around the ship to familiarise themselves before a spot of lunch where some amazing pork sandwiches were served. On arrival into the bay the fore sail and anchor were lowered,

the tender was launched and we were off towards the beach. We headed up to the gun emplacements and the trainees were amazed by the stories captain Tim told about the history of the area. Once we arrived back to the beach some games were played to get the trainees out of their shell then we headed back towards the ship, lifted anchor and set a course for our night anchorage in Paradise bay.

The head sails and fore sail were hoisted and with the sea breeze in our favour it was a smooth passage. Kian, Jovan, Moeau, Moritz, Pera, Kendal and Erina all had a go at climbing the rigging along the way. On arrival the sails and anchor were dropped and the trainees were given an option of either catching the tender to shore to play games or to swim to shore. Grace was first in the water followed by Kian, Jovan, Moeau, Moritz, Pera, Erina, Grace, Damin and Reubyn.

Evan and Kendal went by tender to begin bat down until the others arrived. Damin and Reubyn went off after some tame kina as the games began with the football and rugby ball all getting some air. With bat down the nearest pohutukawa got the most catches with some great hits from Jovan, Kendal, Evan and Erina. Then a football pitch was established and boys versus girls teams, Evan helping out the girls to keep the game close. Grace and Jovan striking some great shots with the final score a narrow win to the boys. Then with a look to the sun and a flick of the wrist is was determined to be home time. Back  on board to change and chill, trainees spread all about the ship from bowsprit to around the card table, the cottage pie  the ship filled with aroma,  warmth and laughter

Po marie