From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, second night at Waikahoa, with a day of difference, well except for the swim in the morning, cloud taking the warmth of the sun away. Then duties and breakfast. The calmness with breaks in the cloud encouraged the trainees to tackle the Tucker Challenge, climbing aloft to the yards and stepping out, sliding along to touch with outstretched arms the end of the yard. Daniel was first up, and done by the time Ryan arrived, then it was a general possession of Blake, Josh, Maggie, Paige, Tiriti, Tom, Waiorangi, Katharina, Natalya and Joe. Those waiting played about in Little Tuck showing off their oarsomeship with lots of laughter and encouragement to those aloft. Excitement for some, recovery for others, now selecting their colours and location, anklet or bracelet. The crayfish were been processed in the galley to lots of visits with a variety of recipes and support. After a delicious lunch it was time ashore with a maunga to climb, Tohumoana, looming above the ship. Compulsory 30 minutes silence as everyone got into the rhythm and the need to breathe over speech with sprints and races rewarded with Chocolate fish at the summit. Views north towards Cape Brett, out East to The Poor Knight Islands and south to Whangarei Heads.  An easy stroll down a different route back to the beach through forest and across pasture with more races and slides.  As the skies threatened to dump on all,  back  onboard to grab washing and duck below.  A short break for cards conversation and  peeling of tonights vegetables then into class for more Navigation, Fishing Regulations, Tides and Rules of the Road. Each night we have a round table of highs and lows, (roses and thorns) with the general consensus of good times and unique experiences. In the calm of our  anchorage we prepare for our northern journey tomorrow. Josh on anchor, Ryan on navigation, Daniel on the helm, the rest of us setting sails with the topsails lowered and hopes of a speedy trip back into the Bay. But first dinner.

Ma te wa