From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, back in Pipi, Awaaroa on Moturua, a day of favourable winds and fun times and yes sunshine on the deck for the swim and shower. After the sole was swept and mopped, the head cleaned, teatowels washed, rinsed and hung we had a Ethan  breakfast and prepared for some sailing. Then Huey arrived in the form of darkening clouds and rain. Below for some class an easy option. So we did some passage planning over the chart and split up for navigation, plotting latitude and longitude, discovering points of interest about the Bay. Studying contour lines of depth, types of seabed, distance and time. All in preparation for Saturday morning and the voyage to Opua.

Then blue sky bay arrived, on deck, “Standby on the main sail”, hoisted, “standby the foresail”, up she goes, “raise the anchor” stowed. The bow lent away to port in the breeze, “Standby on the headsails. The inner and outer filled with the north wester as the Tucker leaned to her task, steering 325 degrees, Robin on the helm, Honey back on the fishing line. Trainees scattered about enjoying the experience of being under sail and learning some knots.

Across the Bay, ‘ready about”. Through the wind, headsails aback and tacked with a weather eye for incoming squalls. Almost to our lunch location, lower the headsails, fore and main, great team work and anchor. Wow, the most elaborate Magnus leftover pie created a feast for all and clean plates made for easy dishes. Keen for a dive and more kina gathering. Te Aroha ready with no wetsuit required, Matthew, Honey, Piripi, Pohatu, Isla and Adina soon in the tender for a splash and grab.

Back on the ship Annay decided it was challenge time, climbing aloft and stepping out to achieve. Petra, Te Rerenga and Alayna and Robin offering support. The tender returns with catch bags of kina and licking lip smiles. Then the rigging was swaying as Piripi and Pohatu came aloft  challenging their fears reached out for success. Not to be outdone Te Aroha was soon on his way up , but the big size 14 shoes had trouble fitting in the narrow ratlines just as he was at the first yardarm. Tomorrow in barefoot he decided. Still early days and in shallow water, up went the sails, stowed the anchor and off sailing again. The breeze had increased so did our speed and healing angle, grabbing for sliding objects and bodies Te Aroha laughed his hearty laugh bracing himself on the helm. All hands on deck, ready about, heads aback and port tack towards our overnight hideout. Apple crumble in the making, Estelle’s spaghetti bolognaise spreading through the ship,  skylights and portholes closed up to keep in the warmth. Great day out.

Ma te wa