Ahoy from the good ship R Tucker Thompson.

Today started off with the voyages first morning swim in the brisk blue ocean led by Te Aroha and Piripi, shortly after followed our morning duties which consists of scrubbing the decks cleaning the head and polishing the brass.

After a scrumbcious breakfast of spaghetti and porridge, Pohatu, Te Rerenga, Matthew, and Robin went through the safety officer duties with captain tim- learning about the engine and how it operates. Shortly after followed a line handling lesson which consisted of learning how lines work and how to raise and lower sails.

At 1000 hrs Pretra, Isla,  Annay and Ardina raised the anchor and then all hands to hoist sails. We set a course towards Whangaruru Harbour- a 4 hour journey down the coast. Along the way we went past the Cape Brett peninsula and had an amazing view of the cape brett light house. Also on our journey we introduced climbing the rigging and the bow sprit which was good fun for everyone especially Honey out on the bow sprit.

Upon arrival to Whangaruru harbour we struck sails and Robin helped dropped anchor in Admirals bay where went later on went to shore and went for a walk up to a trig with a lovely view of the ocean, up there we did our 30 minutes of silence giving us time to reflect on our day.

We made our way back to the ship and ran through some lessons on weather, anchoring and safety procedures and at sea.

Now we have just had dinner- All happy looking forward to what tomorrow brings

Po Marie