From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, secure in Whangaruru, anchored out from Admirals bay, a day full of classroom, baking and baking, class, a kina dive, swim and a swing and a first Tucker Challenge. The wind was howling across the deck when we got up and with health and safety and in mind and the fact that the water from  the shower did not hit the deck, we cancelled the morning swim and went straight to duties. Then the rain arrived as we ducked below for breakfast. Dishes and teeth, then into the class for Recycling, Tides and Rules of the Road.  A break while we waited for the souperb lunch, fresh scones and more dishes.  Alayna was in the galley for a double batch of Afghans with assistance from Annay. Kina also on the menu saw Te Aroha, Honey , Matthew and Piripi off for a quick dive, soon spooned out and consumed to a variety of delight and disgust and some that abstained while tempted, like Petra. Afghans and hot chocolate a good substitute. Then it was back for a swim Pohatu keen on the swing, with Te Rerenga  sitting aloft contemplating the day, as Isla and Ardina started on a cake, Honey up for some maori bread to go with dinner. It’s been a day of tiny triumphs, amongst the sun breaks and easing wind Robin asked to do the Tucker Challenge and within 15 minutes she was up to the yard, stepping out, sliding along and touching the very tip, back on deck looking for her colours for the bracelet. Class time,  Finances and Tuia 250 the next two subjects, waiting the cake from the oven which smells delicious. Not sure what’s happening tomorrow with the forecast, might sneak half way back towards the Bay, or all the way.