What a beautiful start to the day!!
The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the trainees were too eager to get in the water they had the sea gate ready before captain Wayne got on deck.
And in they went one after another Both Emma’s were first in the water followed by the 3 boys, Travis, Javed and Chevy.
They were quick to complete their morning duties before devouring breakfast.
It is also a very special day today as its JAVED’S 13TH BIRTHDAY!! Happy birthday to Javed!!!
As soon as the breakfast dishes were completed we hoisted anchor and made our way to the hole in the rock. Along the way we bumped into a pod of very friendly dolphins that hung out and played with us for about an hour, before they decided to head over to the great sights boat that was passing.
On arrival we dropped the tender and loaded 6 trainees at a time to visit the exocentric rock. Javed, Chevy, Emma S, Emma H, Brianna and Kira were in the first load. We explored one of the caves before heading through the hole. Tea, Leonora, Teina, Aaliyah and Travis were in the second load… They both learnt a lot of information on the history, and the importance of this island to the local iwi.
As soon as we arrived back to the ship, we set a new course for deep water cove.
We dropped anchor on arrival and the trainees gathered their dive gear and got the tender ready.
A quick sandwich lunch before heading out to the reef- First in the water was Chevy.
The water was riddled in sea life. The trainees saw plenty of friendly fish and even got to feed them out of their hands, they saw crayfish, stingrays and plenty more.
As time went on, some of the trainees had had enough so we went back to the ship where the trainees enjoyed some free swim time- Most were jumping from the rigging or rope swing.
Once the pool was closed we set a new course for the Bay- Cooks cove off Roberton Island.
The trainees have just enjoyed birthday cake in celebration of Javed’s birthday and are now having some bonding and free time as its their last night on the ship with their new lifelong friends.
We look forward to our Sunday roast dinner and some more games later tonight before lights out.
Don’t forget to pick the trainees up at 1pm tomorrow at the end of the Opua wharf

(BTW a little note to leonoras mum, from leonora- Happy Birthday Mum, love you heaps <3 )

Looking forward to seeing you all then

Ma te wa from the goodship !