Tahi Ra

From the Good Ship R.Tucker Thompson, day one of our adventurous journey, anchored calmly in Awaaroa Bay on Moturua. After hoisting the mainsail in their first team effort we began  a day of introductions and inductions.  We slid across the inner bay, around Tapeka , penguin diving, searching for their prey. Lunch was complete, the boys down in the galley smashing the dishes while the girls grabbed harnesses and went venturing out on the bowsprit and up the fore mast. We have an even split of boys and girls so there will be some good competitions. Then at anchor in Wai iti, lower the mainsail and stow,  the induction of getting ashore, lifejacket demonstration care and responsibilty. Then a short hike around the island.  Four beaches spread between four hills, resting at each for views, stone skimming. The first competition, Sticks and Stones, 5 stones each, 3 sticks to hit. 1 nil to boys, 2-1 girls, 2-2, then a deciding throw for a boys for 3-2 victory. Last hill to climb and back to the ship in time for a swim in the rain, well a light shower, then a deck shower. All freshed up to move anchorage with a cupped hot chocolate on deck. Anchor light on, hatches closed to shut in the dinner warmth and aroma. Laughter at the table, trainees settled into ship life. Apopo

Ma te wa