This morning all the trainees were already in their togs ready and waiting for captain Tim and the crew to get up on deck to set up the sea gate.
Off to morning duties after a nice warm shower and then a delicious breakfast waiting for them.
Cole, Adina, Paora, Zeran, Pinder, Tui, Covenant, Julina completed the Tucker challenge- So that’s all 12 completed by day 3!
We had some spear time, so some of the trainees had the time to row around in Little Tuc.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch of curry and sausages before it was time to hoist the anchor and set a course to Urupukapuka bay.
Julina took the helm along the way. On arrival we dropped anchor, launched the tender and headed straight for the beach. On the beach we played many games including the human knot, Helium stick, Taputapu rakau, Pass the rakau and the eagles nest. Once these were completed, We all enjoyed 30 minutes of silence- some people went for a walk along the beach, others sunbathed, and some kept themselves entertained.
Back on the ship just before a shower cloud approached the trainees all enjoyed some Birthday cake as its Estelles Birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Estelle!! Along with a delicious hot chocolate to sooth the soul.
We hoisted anchor and tender and set a new course for Parenui Bay.
We are now all nestled in, with the trainees enjoying some free time after our exhausting day.
Tonight we have a decadent lamb roast with a side of scalloped potatoes for dinner.
We have many more things planned for tomorrow before our big day on Monday with our guests arriving.
Stay tuned for many more exciting stories.