Rua Ra

From the Good Ship R. Tucker Thompson, anchored secure in serenity Putakokota off the mainland peninsula of Orokawa.  The day began with the first compulsory swim, at day break, with the sun refusing to rise above the kanuka canopy. Clothing and towels hung, duties of deck scrubbing and brass polishing, below the sole swept and mopped, ready for breakfast, dishes then…..waiting on the wind. Line handling was the first lesson as trainees went about capsizing, take a turn , make fast, coil down. Then we raised the Foresail with a sweat and tail, still no wind. The chance to achieve the Tucker Challenge in perfect conditions. Emily was the first up and stepping out to reach out for the end of the yard. Jedidah was keen and Lexus was next. Chastity was hesitant but purposefully stayed on task, edging her way out to success. Still no wind. Raising the Foresail gave us hope of the forecast wind as we headed out to Tikitiki for 30 minutes silence about the surging Pacific ocean and  gliding Gannets. By now the quiche was on deck and lunch enjoyed out on the edge, still no wind. So the decision was made to return to the Bay and get ashore for a kina dive. Motuarohia and the protected lagoon offered safe snorkelling and the chance of some kai moana. The breeze came in just as the divers returned with a feed. Hot chocolate and a previously prepared banana cake with help from Adina and freshly iced. Energy levels and morale back to 100%, we hoisted anchor, mainsail and headsails and set about plotting a course from Cole and Zeran, Pinder and Jedi shared the helm with Julina. Paora and Covenant running the headsails and Tui on the foresheet as we manoeuvred across to our overnight anchorage.

Ma te wa