Ahoy from the Tucker Thompson

Despite the howling weather today has been exciting for everyone on board.

Our morning started 0730 hrs with a dip in the brisk sea followed by morning duties and Breakfast.

After dishes were done we split into 2 groups and learnt about weather- learning how to predict wind direction and wind strength, anchoring- learning the process and what to take into consideration when anchoring, and tides- learning how the sun, moon and earth help in the process.

After filling some minds with lots of knowledge we decided to go for an excursion ashore on Urupukapuka Island up to some hill tops to observe the gale force weather and even play some shore games that were run by some of the trainees.

Later on we made our way back to the ship for some yummy hot soup which helped prep us for the afternoon’s activities.

We then lifted anchor raised the main sail fore sail and headsails and sailed through the eastern side of the bay and then shot across to the western side towards Waitora Bay. Along our sail everyone gathered on the bowsprit and rode it as we were bouncing up and down on the swells, after everyone was nice and wet we beared away and came into our night anchorage at Waitora bay.

Right now we are learning how to tie knots and warming up with a nice hot chocolate.

Everyone is happy and looking forward to tomorrow’s activities

Ma Te Wa